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Many people are wrong and think that marketing and advertising are the same thing, but they are not, and are totally wrong, who think so. In today’s article, you may have the chance to find out what are the differences between Marketing and Advertising and thus be able to better understand how each of them works. 

So do not leave here and check out all the important information about each of them, so that you know how to differentiate them and understand how each of them works. Follow the article and stay on top of everything. Good reading!

What is marketing?

Marketing is about creating ideas and strategies that can reach an audience for a particular product or business in order to get customers’ attention and make them feel interested. 

Therefore, marketing is essential and can not miss in your company or any other business, since it is through it, that you will be able to get the best techniques of reaching more customers for your business. 

By combining the price, the product, the square and the promotion, you can get the 4 ps, most important for marketing, which will be important for new methods to be achieved.

And what is advertising?

Advertising is something that is associated with marketing. That is, advertising, is one of the main tools that marketing uses, to reach a greater number of customers. 

Therefore, through advertising, the company will be able to advertise your product / service, in addition to having other several possibilities and thus, you will be able to have the opportunity to get a greater number of visibility. 

That is, advertising is nothing more than a part that involves the whole of marketing.

Check out what are the similar characteristics and the differences between Marketing and Advertising:

Between Marketing and Advertising, there are several differences, but it is also possible to see some similarities. 

Next, you will have the opportunity to know better what these differences and similarities are and know how to differentiate them. Check out the following:

First: planning

Planning is something in common, between Marketing and Advertising. That’s because planning is something that needs to be in each of these tools, since without it, you can’t have structure in what you produce. 

Therefore, having a plan, knowing exactly what you will do, like a step by step, makes you have the possibility to achieve greater success in what you develop.

Second: The public

The public is something that both Marketing, as well as advertising, want to achieve. Therefore, both one and the other, have the need to own the public, since it is the one who needs to be reached, so that the company’s product can be sold.

Third: Evaluation

You need to be able to evaluate the numbers well before publishing something. So if you work in marketing, or even advertising, know that you will need to analyze the numbers well before investing in any kind of action.

Now, check out what are the differences between marketing and advertising:

Previously, it was possible that you could know all the similarities existing both between marketing and advertising, only now, you will have the possibility to know what are the differences between them. Check out the following:

Measure results

Generally, in advertising, this ends up being much easier to do. That’s because when you publish something and often this advertising does not generate so much euphoria or reach, it is possible that elements of such a campaign can be changed or changed, having the chance to follow each result, being able to change your campaign whenever it takes to get more reach.

Different target audience focuses

While in marketing, the audience that it targets is the internal audience, in advertising, the audience that is the same visa is the external. This is because marketing aims to make sure that your own employees, who work by creating the campaign, can propagate what is being advertised and thus get a greater number of reach

On the other hand, advertising thinks totally differently, aiming to directly reach the external public and not involve those who are already involved in the development of the campaign.

Different views

In addition to differentiating themselves from the audience that aim to achieve first, marketing and advertising also differ in relation to their skills and other visions. 

Therefore, the marketing professional has the obligation to have a complete view, about the campaign, but also, in relation to the public and etc., and in addition, it will still be necessary to understand all the path traveled, from the development and creation of a campaign, to the end of its journey, which are sales. In the case of the publicist, his need will be to target the campaign, not having the obligation to have to worry about the rest.

Can marketing and advertising go together?

Not only can they, but they should walk together. Advertising, it’s the marketing. Through it, the audience can be reached and together, the two manage to be more efficient.


By walking together, it is possible that ideas and campaign projects can be created more easily and thus the reach of the public happens quickly, thus having the chance to get great results.